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020 8504 7345

Registered Charity No. 1080229

The Lauren Page Trust
P.O. Box 2314
Woodford Green

Tel: 020 8504 7345

Fax: 020 8504 3913


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Support us
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You already know about sending us money, sponsoring our friends in events like the marathon and coming to the ball but if you cannot help in these ways, there are other methods of support including some which raise funds without you having to spend anything at all!

Easyfundraising - a free and simple way to help out cause. Every time you buy something online, we get a donation without it costing you a penny. That means you can buy, as normal, from sites like Argos to Amazon, eBay of M&S and help us out at the same time.

Register with http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ and click on 'Support a Good Cause' then search for 'Lauren Page Trust' and click on the box marked 'support this cause' and you're away.

Stamps - used stamps, torn off envelopes, can be swapped for cash for charity. Not the plain First and Second Class ones but we do want any Christmas ones, others with pictures, special editions, overseas from postcards and so on. Try not to damage the stamps themselves and if you can collect any and let us have them, we can turn them into donations.

Monthly direct debit - should you want to donate in small doses, then you can set up a monthly direct debit. Some of our supporters donate a tenner or so a month this way and over the years it builds up. Just fill in a Direct Debit form. Contact us for details.

PayPal Giving (formerly called Missionfish) Then you can donate a proportion of your sales to us. We have registered with PayPal Giving here http://www.ebay.co.uk/egw/ebay-for-charity/charity-profile/?NP_ID=75909 and you can decide what percentage of your profit goes to us with each eBay sale. And we get Gift Aid. AND they pass on 100% of the funds raised to us.

Christmas Cards - we still have some of our specially designed charity Christmas Cards which have been reduced to half price to clear. They are lovely and every penny goes to the Lauren Page Trust rather than just a percentage of the money raised so if you need cards this year, contact us for a great deal.

Make a Donation

Donations can be made by filling in a Gift Aid form. When completed please post to the address provided.

MyDonate: For anyone wanting to donate or raise money for us, we now have our own page on BT's charity fundraising site MyDonate. Here's the link: https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/thelaurenpagetrust

We've chosen MyDonate as it has 0 per cent commission and no set up fee or monthly charges which means more of the money raised goes directly to us and not the middleman.

It's fairly simple to navigate the site and set yourself up as a fundraiser for, say, the London Marathon or other event. Don't forget to fill in the Gift Aid form so we get a bit extra for every penny raised. And if you use MyDonate, take a look at their hints and tips for fundraising.


Bags for life/pin badges - two new ways of raising cash come in the shape of these fab shopping bags that scrunch up into a tiny ball when not being used and are such a bright pink you could probably use them to find your way home in the dark. Just £3 each and more environmentally friendly that plastic carriers. Plus we have pin badges which are not really pins at al - they're magnetic. Isn't that clever? The front bit on outside of the material 'sticks' to a second bit on the inside. That means you don't make a tiny pin hole in your Armani. And these are only £1. Both available from claire@laurenpage.org.uk